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Choreographing Adults for Children

Live Work for Children
Nikky is one of the few choreographers in the UK currently making dance for young children, and children are always involved in the creative process. (Check out Storyteller page)

The success of her latest extravaganza, "The Tell Woman", led to this darkly beautiful dance theatre piece taking to the road for two consecutive Spring Tours.

In addition, she has been commissioned by various institutions to create work for young people, including “Putting Your Foot in It” for DansConnect, a company formed exclusively to perform dance for children.

From the early years of “Geographical Duvet” to the present day, Nikky has been making dance theatre with huge appeal for children; giant pieces of bubblegum, physical bedtime stories, dancing tables and chairs and suitcase juggling to name but a few.
Her visual sense of humour strikes a chord with the young and young at heart.

Putting Your Foot in it

Work for Children on Television
She has already had children all over the world up and dancing in front of their TV screen to the antics of the Boohbahs, the fun of their dances hiding underlying mathematical patterns and systems.

Nikky's latest choreographic contribution to children's television "In The Night Garden" was a massive success for the BBC following it’s launch in 2007, and is now an established favourite..

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If you are producing a children’s TV show, and want to include some dancing – I can make choreography that will appeal to your target audience, and probably entertain grown-ups too!
If you need some choreographic input to your theatre piece for children – I can make silly dances to make little ones laugh, but also know when to impress the audience with skill and cool.


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