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Choreographing Children

Choreographing Children for TV programmes
The hallmark of Nikky’s work bringing children’s movement to the screen is the obvious enjoyment in the faces of the performers. With work shown in the UK, USA, Europe and China, this specialist skill is one for which she is gaining a worldwide reputation.

Choreographing Children for commercials
For products such as karaoke machines, dance mats and musical toys, Nikky has been brought in to cast and choreograph children in commercials. Covering ages from 7 to 14, she has worked on both television and print campaigns.

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Youth Dance Groups
This area of work is a special area of expertise for Nikky; she has made dances for groups in Swindon, Liverpool, Solihull and Scotland amongst others. She enjoys the particular challenge of making choreography for young dancers that extends their understanding of what dance can be.

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Choreographing Children for the Stage
Whether it’s a fashion show, a pantomime, or a showpiece for new young talent; Nikky makes dance that children love to perform, which therefore brings out the best in them and better impresses the audience.

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If you are a director who needs dance content set on young people – I can help you cast those young people, create choreography to fit your vision, then teach and guide them through it to a proficient level of performance.
If you have young people of any age for whom you need original dance created – I can make choreography for your group to bring them new challenges and enjoyment.


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