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Creative Educationalist

Creative Agent

For the last four years, Nikky has worked as a Creative Agent for Cre8us, delivering the Creative Partnerships programme for the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Area. This role involves working with schools as a 'critical friend', helping them explore creativity and pupil ownership in their delivery of the curriculum by brokering relationships with artists and consultants to work in partnership with the whole school community. Nikky works in Infant, Primary, Secondary and Special School settings.

Creative Practitioner

Believing in the importance of keeping your hand in, Nikky continues to work in the field as an arts practitioner, primarily in the areas of Movement, Storytelling, Puppeteering and Creative Play. She also encompasses visual arts and role play elements in her work and uses photography and film in her evidencing, evaluation and reflection processes. She particularly relishes projects where she can collaborate with artists from other complimentary disciplines.

Independent Consultant

Through her Cre8us work, Nikky has developed a real passion for working creatively in educational settings. She has become a valued resource for senior management teams in the schools where she has worked the longest; revolutionising recruitment procedures; instigating observation, evaluation and planning frameworks; developing bespoke curricula and offering many and varied creative teaching and learning techniques. This, in turn, has led to associated independent work; mentoring, creative consultancy, advisory panels and conference speaking.
Nikky continues to develop in this area, having acquired a post graduate certificate in Advanced Educational Practice, and is in the process of setting up her own consultancy firm.

nikky smedley creative educationalist

If you are part of an educational establishment that wants to increase creative teaching and learning - I can help. I fully understand the pressures and intricacies of the school environment, but truly believe that happy staff and happy pupils lead to greater learning for all - and this can be achieved through creativity. Whether through Inset delivery or just an initial meeting, I can work collaboratively with you to find a bespoke solution to help curriculum delivery be both effective and fun.



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