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She can’t define it, but Nikky has a very special way with children…she likes them, and they like her back. Whether choreographing, directing or teaching, her easy manner, boundless patience and huge sense of fun have them eating out of her hands. Their enjoyment of the project is of paramount importance to her.

This delight in the child’s-eye view comes through in every part of her output for children; running workshops, writing, devising live events, or creating television. She’s not afraid to be silly, but that’s a freedom won through discipline.

As the years go by, Nikky becomes increasingly convinced that her skills are put to best use working with and for young children.

The diverse arenas in which she is currently expending her energies include her dance theatre project for 4-10 year olds, “The Tell Woman”; an associated solo Storyteller event, which she has performed in over 40 venues; her role as Creative Agent for Cre8us, delivering the Creative Partnerships project in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire; as well as creator and performer of hilarious narrative poems for under tens and continuing work as a movement practitioner.

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