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Teletubbies Live Events
The 10th Anniversary of the fab four saw a series of live events around the world, plus an appearance at the CBeebies Live extravaganza. Schedules meant that a “B” cast had to be employed, both in the UK and Germany, and it was Nikky who was sent to coach the new performers in the way of Tubby!

Boohbah live events in USA
Following on from the success of “Boohbah” in America, Nikky devised a live mall show, sponsored by PBS, which has become an annual event. Each year Nikky has flown over to the States to kick-start a ten-city tour, leading an average of 100 children in a session of fun-filled dance and exercise.


In the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Nikky has staged events for children in a festival environment. Sometimes performance for them, sometimes performance with them. She feels that working in an outdoor setting brings an added sense of freedom and fun.

Performance Devising
Nikky can visit your school or dance/drama club to work with the children to make a completely unique piece of theatre. Over a programme of sessions, she and the children can devise a school play with a difference, a collaboration involving the children on every level.

One Off Performances
As part of a special project or celebration, Nikky can work with a group of children (with adult inclusion if you like) to make an exclusive one off performance event in an extremely limited amount of time. This work can be indoor, outdoor or built around a specific location or environment.

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If you have a live event planned and would like something a little unusual for the children to participate in – I can devise an activity to get little ones moving and creating. Or can mentor your project, big or small.


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