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Storyteller & puppeteer


Nikky has been performing in her MASSIVE storytelling skirt for long enough to know exactly how to pace her fun-filled rhyming stories to appeal to ages 4-10, and the adults seem to enjoy them too. In schools, theatres, literary festivals, libraries and galleries this affordable, self-contained event has proved a hit throughout the country.

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Having been in control of one of the world's most famous puppets ever, Nikky is well aware of the power of the homunculus. Her puppeteering skills are put to great effect as part of her storytelling events, but she is also able to use puppets in an educational setting, and has a half term's curriculum plan adaptable for FS2, Yr 1 and Yr2 which revolves around the arrival of a puppet visitor. Nikky can bring one of her own puppets; children can design and make their own as part of a one-off workshop or a longer programme of activity; or we can use any inanimate object that comes to hand - quite literally.


Physical Stories

Nikky has invented her own technique for telling traditional fairytales through movement and gesture. The concept is easy for children to grasp and they love to join in with Nikky.


Always up for a challenge, one of Nikky's favourite games to play with a group of youngsters involves using objects to create a brand new narrative tale, usually involving some physicality too. Plastic trees, netting, teddies, lego, trains ....... anything can be offered up as stimulus, keeping Nikky on her toes and challenging her skill for invention, thank goodness the children are there to help!



I believe passionately in the power and importance of Storytelling for young people, and take the quality of my events very seriously indeed - the stories may be funny, but I work very hard to make it look easy - whether alone or with help from my puppet friends. If you want your children to have an experience that will inspire and refresh their enthusiasm for our storytelling heritage - why not get in touch? "The best storyteller I've ever seen." - Year 1 teacher.


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