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Creative Movement
Nikky has 25 years of teaching experience over the full age range of children. Each session is tailored to the needs of that particular group’s ability and experience with the focus on providing inspiration for the child’s movement invention, rather than being overly prescriptive. Recently Nikky has been using one to one movement sessions with non-english speaking pre-schoolers to develop their social, cognitive and emotional well-being.

Dance Classes
For older children, or those with greater physical understanding or dance experience, Nikky holds a more structured class. Challenging the children to push their boundaries, but always safely, and always with bags of encouragement.

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Combined Art Form Sessions
Having worked alongside other specialists for various Artists in Residence schemes, Nikky is able to team up with in house staff or visiting artists to devise and hold projects where the children can explore and express a single theme through different media.

In Spring 2007, Nikky was invited to work with staff at London Zoo to devise a new series of events for children both in London and at Whipsnade, which then ran throughout the Summer.

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If you want your children to have the opportunity to develop physical confidence and revel in the joy of movement – I can lead them in workshops designed to help them explore, invent and create.


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