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Stories, Rhymes and Songs for the under 10s
Nikky continues to write for young children in varied formats. Whether full length theatrical spectacles, her latest akin to modern Alice in Wonderland; interactive storyteller events sharing giant skirts with her audience; improvised sing-a-longs drawing on the children’s ideas; or Milliganesque silly verse; the romping sense of fun and wild nonsensical imaginings have brought interest from publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and giggles from home grown youngsters.

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Writing for TV
The visual comedy inherent in Nikky’s writing has led to her projects for the screen. She was the only contributing writer on “Teletubbies” other than co-creator Andy Davenport, and she has written 30 episodes of a new programme for Ragdoll Productions, currently at the pilot stage.


Storytelling and creative writing workshops
Based on techniques she has used herself in devising material, Nikky has developed a series of workshops boldly going to the outer reaches of the child’s imagination whilst subtly learning about structure.

Movement workshops based on stories
Whether using her own material, other stories the children are currently involved with, or their own creative writing, Nikky can use the text as a start point for physical exploration. Thus deepening the child’s involvement understanding and enjoyment of, the text.

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If you need text for children, written with rhythm, visually driven and funny at the core – I can work to a brief, or with a free rein; deliver on time, with, or without, rhyme.
If you would like a storyteller to visit your children – I can hold one-off workshops, or run a series of sessions catered to the specific needs of your group.


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