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Choreography for the Screen

Children’s TV
Having brought her flair for comedic dance to “Teletubbies”, Nikky was then placed in charge of all movement content for “Boohbah”. She created 33 dances, 30 exercise sequences and the aerial sections of the show. Nikky was choreographer and movement coach on Ragdoll Productions latest triumph “In the Night Garden”, and still works as freelance movement specialist for the company.

Adapting Dance from Stage to Screen
Whether for promotional purposes, for a permanent record, or as an artistic development, Dance Companies are increasingly keen to commit their theatrical creations to film. Nikky can help adapt choreography to enhance it for the camera without losing purity of intent.

The Ministry / Commercial Work
As one half of the central creative team of this independent production company, Nikky’s witty choreography found it’s way onto music promos, dance videos, experimental films, ad campaigns and “The South Bank Show”. Budgets and schedules were always tight, teaching her to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing standards.

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If you want a piece of dance made specifically for the screen – I can supply choreography whose creativity and originality lies in the use of the camera and film, as well as in the content of the dance.


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