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Site Specific Projects

Made on a 25 metre high climbing wall, this rampant dance fantasia brought together 3 dancers, 3 climbers (all women), original score and visual effects to be the highlight of the 1993 Spring Loaded season.

The Bus Show
For two years running, this unique Edinburgh Fringe Show took the audience to some less well known landmarks of the city to witness choreography specially made to suit the four different locations visited on each tour.

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Duvet Covers London
A week’s worth of performance events spread across London, taking place in venues such as Heathrow Airport, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Bridge station. Live coverage on Radio Four dubbed Nikky and her Company, “Cultural Commandos”.

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If you have a Festival, Arts Event or unusual space for which you want to commission a site specific work – I can work innovatively and speedily with a specially assembled company of local performers, or bring in my own team to make a one off piece of dance theatre unique to your setting.


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