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Choreography for the stage

Work with own Dance Companies
As artistic director of four different companies, Nikky has created over 25 pieces of dance theatre and eight full-length shows, in addition to collaborations with musicians, sculptors and artists. Touring throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East, her reputation for producing innovative, accessible and entertaining dance is without question.

From professional dance companies such as “La Bouche” and “Blueprint”, to Youth Groups around the UK; from pyrotechnic events to catwalk shows, Nikky has delivered the goods for a wide range of clients. All are equally happy with the outcome.

Musical Theatre
Nikky has supplied choreography for many out-of-London productions, including “The Boyfriend” and “Privates on Parade” as well as “Stinkfoot” at the Bloomsbury Theatre for Vivien Stanshall. Slick simplicity and plenty of humour are her stock in trade.

Creating work for family audiences
Nikky used to say that she made dance pieces for people who didn’t like dance. The point is that she makes work that is accessible to all, wanting to share the enjoyment of physical performance. Since working more with younger age groups, Nikky is even more interested in creating dance that appeals to children and families, both in content and context.

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Working with several New Circus troupes as well as individual acts / performers both in the UK and the Middle East, Nikky particularly enjoyed bringing her choreographic skills to this arena. She sees collaborating with such talented and daring people as a creative challenge and thrill. This work has led to her making pieces of aerial choreography in other contexts.

Site specific
Made on a 25 metre high climbing wall, this rampant dance fantasia brought together 3 dancers, 3 climbers (all women), original score and visual effects to be the highlight of that year's Spring Loaded season.

Solo Work
In-between larger scale projects, Nikky has always created one-off solo pieces, being interested in the different dynamic of performing alone. In the nineties, she combined these pieces to make “Modus Vivendi”, a one-woman show which she toured around dance and non-dance venues.

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If you have any kind of performance which has a dance element – I can supply choreography to a range of situations and briefs. I try and bring something new and unexpected to each project and am always keen to inspire performers and directors, leave them confident in and engaged with the material.


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