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Movement Skills for all Performers
Nikky has worked extensively with a wide range of performers; actors, both professional and student, circus artistes, skin workers, puppeteers, children’s performers, aerialists, catwalk models to improve and develop their movement skills and broaden the range of physical tools available to them.

Adult Dance Classes
In the past Nikky has taught at full time dance colleges and given company classes in the professional realm, in addition to teaching within the community, holding classes for adults of all ages and a wide range of dance experience. She draws on a breadth of techniques, adapting to the needs of each specific group and adding her own work on focus and musicality.

Children’s Movement Sessions
Working in schools, nurseries or in privately run environments, Nikky holds sessions which are designed to build children’s physical confidence and creativity. She seeks to develop their skill level, but avoids focussing on the wrong way or right way to execute movements.

Training Sessions for Adults in Movement for Children
Whether educationalists, community workers, carers or parents Nikky can help bring new ideas, build confidence and break down inhibitions. Sessions are available for groups or individuals, with or without children present.

Individual Coaching
It may be that help is needed to overcome or cope with a physical injury, that an extra session here and there is required to speed improvement, or perhaps some coaching to pass an audition or develop a role is in order. Nikky can tailor a private session to your specific requirements.

Nikky is currently in teacher training for her Level 3 certificate. This new string to her bow can only enhance her knowledge of the body, and feed into her other work.

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If you want a versatile and sensitive teacher – I can bring whichever aspects of my 25 years teaching experience are appropriate for your needs. I believe that encouragement, patience and enjoyment are key ingredients, after all…. this is dancing!


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