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Nikky Dancing for Children

Nikky really specialises in movement for and/or by children. She’s fun and funky with a dollop of humour and a sprinkling of cool....and every year brings a new development.

Whether mentoring the children's version of the RSC's Complete Works Festival, creating a full length dance theatre extravaganza for under tens, or helping children devise and perform their end of year performance - Nikky's respect for the innate and individual physicality of children ensures the joy of movement for all.

Creative Movement Workshops for Children

Nikky has developed a range of age appropriate workshops designed to tap into children's physical imagination and joy of movement. She believes in the power of physical play to build confidence, aid expression and develop communication.

Nikky gained extensive experience working for Creative Partnerships for five years, both as a Practitioner and a Creative Agent, and in addition to her work directly with children, also holds sessions with teaching staff to develop skills in incorporating movement, storytelling and creative thinking into their practice.

Choreographing Adults for Children

From the early years of “Geographical Duvet” to the present day, Nikky has been making dance theatre with huge appeal for children; giant pieces of bubblegum, physical bedtime stories, dancing tables and chairs and suitcase juggling to name but a few. Her visual sense of humour strikes a chord with the young and young at heart.

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The Tell Woman


Sent to bed without a story! Surely the worst punishment there is... but imagine if all the stories in the world were stolen... then everyone would have to go bed without a story.

Having completed a three month period of Research and Development funded by Arts Council England, West Midlands, Nikky gained extensive funding to create, produce and tour the marvellous movement-filled, terrifically transporting, incredibly inspirational full-length dance theatre piece THE TELL WOMAN to almost 30 venues over two years.

" The Tell Woman is a visually stunning theatre show combining dance, puppetry and sound to create a fantastic fairy tale for the under tens. Funny, mysterious and sometimes a bit yucky, The Tell Woman draws on children's own experiences to ask: where do stories come from? The world of The Tell Woman is a magical place full of weird creatures, some friendly, and some not so friendly. These creatures live in a land made from the enormous skirt of The Tell Woman. Here they come and go, appear and disappear, through folds and flaps, tunnels and trapdoors. The Tell Woman is a parable about communication, self-expression and understanding and through her adventures Sam finds her voice, overcomes all of the challenges that face her and saves all the stories in the world. Now everyone can go to bed with a story."

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Dance Classes for Children

Where appropriate, Nikky follows a more structured format. These sessions focus on co-ordination, rhythm, qualitative differences, using both exercises and creative games to develop movement skills.

Choreographing Children

As part of artist placements in schools, for privately run vocational training, or as part of a larger show or event; Nikky has been employed as visiting choreographer and has produced dance performances from children as young as three, up to college student age.

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If your children are ready for some new input to their physical activities – I can run a series of classes to increase their abilities, broaden their experience and focus their energies.

If you have a special event, show or project for which your youngsters need a brand new piece of dance – I can make a commissioned work to stretch their skills and give them a real sense of occasion, achievement and fun.

If you want a piece of dance theatre made to reach a young audience – I can work with your Company to deliver accessible choreography, easy to adapt for a range of performance spaces and develop associated education and outreach packages.



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