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Nikky Dancing on TV for Children

This is the complete package. All of Nikky’s specialist skills combine to bring three major areas of expertise together in one small human.

Nikky works as a freelance children’s movement specialist for Ragdoll Productions. Her choreography for children is currently broadcast in around a dozen international territories, including USA, Australia, India, China and Chile.

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Directing Children’s Dance for TV

Whether filming her own choreography or someone else’s, Nikky’s easy manner with children coaxes the best out of them. Patience and good humour are essential tools here, and she has them in spades.

Choreographing Children for TV

Having previously exported her brand of children’s movement to the USA to great acclaim, Nikky is hoping that her latest cast of dancing youngsters will perform similarly.
She has developed techniques that really give the children ownership of the material, so enhancing their enjoyment, and, therefore their performance.

Choreographing Adults for Children on TV

Anyone who has ever watched “Boohbah” with a young child will know how irresistible these character’s dances are to the target audience. Nikky is currently exercising this proven skill as choreographer on a brand new show, believing that if you get it right, watching TV doesn’t have to be a passive experience.

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If you have a sequence of children dancing that you need to commit to film – I can use my knowledge of how choreography works, how best to film it, and the whys and wherefores of tiny humans to give you the best possible product.

If you need children dancing in front of camera – I can set material on any age group, and take responsibility for the children's input, so there's one thing less for the producers to worry about.

If movement and dance play a part in your children's TV programme – I can really deliver what you're looking for. I've spent over 25 years studying and working with children of all ages and what grabs them in terms of movement and I have more Than a decade's experience in television. This is my bag.


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