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Nikky Dancing on Television

Having been limited in her early days to creating dance for a live audience, Nikky has learned to revel in the additional possibilities opened up by seeing choreography through the camera. There’s always a new idea, always a new point of view.

Nikky is increasingly indemand to mentor projects involving dance and the moving image, both for young people and adult artists.

Directing Dance for the Camera

This combines Nikky’s two main fields of experience during the last 25 years. She uses the camera and post-production techniques to enhance and clarify artistic intention, rather than clouding the choreography with unnecessary tricks.

Consultant for Adapting Dance to the Screen

Whether as the development of a creative idea, as a promotional tool, or as a record of live choreography, the adaptation of live dance for the camera is worth doing properly.

Commercial Choreography

Nikky has worked to briefs many and varied to create dance and movement for the screen; TV shows, advertisements, music videos, animations; indoors, outdoors, underwater and in the air!

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If you have a piece of dance that needs filming, or if you need a piece of dance made especially for camera – I can marry these two components to make a sum greater than the two parts.

If you need a mentor, or just an occasional consultant – I can work with the choreographer to most effectively transfer the original vision to the screen, whilst giving a point of difference to the finished product.

If you have a requirement for dance or movement on film – I can provide ingenious choreography, on time and flexible to needs. I hate to waste time, efficiently teaching, rehearsing and communicating directors’ intentions. Aerial choreography is a speciality.



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