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Of course, six years trapped in a yellow furry suit requires dedication to the cause, and Nikky soon found that she was hooked on the very special process of making television for children. Since escaping from the Laa, she has successfully turned her hand to a myriad of skills on the other side of the camera, especially enjoying the bravery of simplicity and inherent humour in creating for the very young.

Nikky is currently on television in loads of countries …..around 2/3 of the world!

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Devising Children’s TV

Nikky has been solely responsible for the devising of two new programmes for Ragdoll Productions, currently at the pilot stage. Prior to this she was at the hub of the creative team that produced “Boohbah”, not to mention her contribution to “Teletubbies”.


Producing Children’s TV

Working with children brings an extra level of responsibility to producing TV. Nikky has experience dealing with licensing, stage schools, parents, and the health and safety issues inherent in children’s work, and she still makes it fun!

Directing Children for TV

Nikky has directed over 8 hours worth of broadcast material featuring child performers, most of this filmed outside on location in the unpredictable English weather. Add to this the unpredictability of the children themselves and it’s no mean feat, and on time, and to budget.

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If you are putting together a creative team to generate ideas for children’s television – I am not afraid to be childish, to be silly, but to be stylish. I’m a good collaborator and full of ideas.

If you want a producer who believes that standards for children’s work should be as high as for adults – I can handle your programme from inception to screen with respect for the children on a par with dedication to the project.

If you have a programme involving a young cast – I can put them at ease and get the best out of them, never forgetting that the child watching at home is of equal importance to the one in front of the camera.



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