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In front of the camera, Nikky was the body, voice and soul of Laa Laa the yellow Teletubby, involved in character development from the show’s inception. In addition to performing as one of the fab four, she wrote short sketches for “Teletubbies” and directed insert material for “Teletubbies Everywhere”. A truly global phenomenon, winning countless awards, including BAFTA, RTS and Japan Prizes.

2007 marked the 10th anniversary of “Teletubbies”, with celebratory live events and PR tours in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. Special events such as Children in Need can still entice the original Tubbies back in front of a lens.

Behind the lens Nikky has produced, directed and choreographed; loving to conceive, devise and develop as part of a creative team. She was a key contributor to “Boohbah”, broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic, in Europe and China, and the standard of her work was acknowledged with a BAFTA nomination.

Nikky also choreographed "In The Night Garden", another hugely successful children’s show commissioned by the BBC, and she is still an active member of Ragdoll Production's creative team.

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