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Choreographing Adults For Children

Choreographer of “Boohbah” for ITV.
Nikky worked long and hard researching movement for “Boohbah” with the target age group, to be sure that her dances would move them. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - and we have tapes of children all over the world dancing along with the Boohbahs. Nikky made 33 dances and 30 exercise sections for the series as well as co-ordinating the flying sequences.


Choreographer of "In The Night Garden" - BBC commissioned show, produced by Ragdoll

It's here, it's huge, it looks fabulous, and Nikky has done all the choreography. This pre-school extravaganza, both visually and technically stunning, breaks new ground whilst retaining warmth and charm. Another winner.

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If you have a TV programme that involves actors or characters performing movement for children – I can tell you that this is my real speciality. Working with the visual humour that they love and understanding their pacing needs, I have proven my flair for this niche. I am proudest when the viewing child can’t stay seated, but has to get up, unprompted, and join in the physical fun.


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