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Nikky on Television

Choreographing Children

Movement Sections of “Boohbah” for USA broadcast.
Using 65 children over four weeks, Nikky worked closely with each child so that they were totally comfortable with the movements they were asked to perform. She created over 300 sequences, and the children’s enjoyment shone through on tape.

Movement Sequences for “Teletubbies” Inserts
To create material on 4-5 year olds, Nikky chose simple movement motifs graphically arranged to give simple confident impact in five short films made for “Teletubbies Everywhere”.

Movement Director for advertisements for children’s toys
Working with an age range of approximately 6-15, Nikky has set, taught and supervised dance sequences for ad campaigns in the UK and Europe.

Pilot Shows for Ragdoll
Nikky’s latest programmes for Ragdoll Productions feature a mixture of highly structured dance sequences and looser segments where the children’s joy in movement is infectiously expressed. Both equally as carefully managed for the camera.

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If you need children to dance in front of camera – I can create the material appropriate for their age and ability, teach and rehearse them with boundless patience and perpetuate their enjoyment of the movement so that the sense of fun comes through the screen.


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