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Nikky on Television

Devising and Writing

Nikky wrote several short sketches, which were filmed for “Teletubbies”, making her the only contributing scriptwriter other than co-creator Andrew Davenport. For “Teletubbies Everywhere” Nikky devised around 30 insert sequences, and directed several of these herself.

Involved with the invention of “Boohbah” from the beginning, Nikky was a key member of the creative team, helping devise the overall structure of the programme, the look of the characters, their names, their relationship to one another and the audience, their vocabulary and so forth. She was also entirely responsible for the movement content of the programme.
When the programme had to be extended for PBS in the USA, it was Nikky’s brainchild “Look What I Can Do!” that supplied the extra material. It soon became a favourite segment of the show with children and parents alike, joining in with the infectious energy of the children on the screen.
flying boobah

Pilot shows for Ragdoll Productions
We are limited as to what we can say here, new programme formats are always closely guarded secrets….but!….Nikky has taken her experience of working with children and movement to create two entirely new shows which have reached the pilot stage.

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If your idea is already in place - I can bring fresh blood to your creative team, especially if your work is for children, is funny and/or relies on visual humour.
If your idea is nascent – I can come in on the ground floor, and become as involved as is required, happy to work to brief and to schedule.


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