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Nikky on Television


Live Action Insert Sequences for “Teletubbies”.
On location at the English seaside, Nikky filmed five short movement based sequences featuring children from local nursery schools for inclusion in “Teletubbies Everywhere” for the BBC.

Contemporary Dance and Live Art Events.
Nikky has provided filmed record of existing work for various Companies, and offered a director’s eye to work being made specifically for the screen.

Movement Sections of “Boohbah” for USA broadcast.
For the longer PBS time slot, the children’s TV show, “Boohbah” was extended by approximately 7 minutes. Nikky filmed over 300 short movement sections in 4 weeks on location in a park in Birmingham. Further time editing and the addition of special effects also took place in the UK under Nikky’s supervision.

Music Videos.
With bands from the UK and Australia, Nikky has worked from initial inception through storyboards to final product, preferring to be involved from the off.

December 2007 saw Nikky working for the Commercial Music Dept. of Bath Spa University, directing 11 music videos for as many burgeoning new acts


Real People Pilates DVD
In 2007, Nikky directed "Pilates for over 50's", an exercise dvd presented by Liz Chandler, the first in a series of videos by this new Somerset based company.
This is an instructional video showing the principles and exercises and interviews with the participants.

Real People Pilates

Youth video projects and Fashion shows.
For Council led initiatives in Edinburgh and Dundee, Nikky has led several groups of youngsters, helping them to develop their own creative work and film making skills under the directorship of a professional.

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If you have a piece of performance (dance, music, live art etc) to film, for which you need a director - I can work closely with the creator to maintain the original vision and help it work best for the camera.
If you want to make a piece of dance specifically for film - I can bring my expertise, as mentor or director, to your project, sensitive to your intent.
If you have children of any age from whom you need to extract a performance in front of camera – I can get you that performance, and with them looking happy about it!
If you are producing TV or film for children – I can instill the particular requirements of pacing, framing and styling that will grab and sustain the attention of a young audience.


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