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Directing Children

“Teletubbies” insert films.
Working with groups of around 10 children per half-day shoot, Nikky kept the action balanced between structure and freedom to give a series of five energised and charming films. With only a single camera, and fired up kids, you have to stay alert to that one-chance-only shot.


“Look What I Can Do!” for PBS.
Shot on location in a Birmingham park with a compact crew, Nikky’s patience with the children and seemingly relaxed pace, in actual fact, led to a shoot that finished ahead of schedule. Cohesion of the editing style led to speedy post-production. The crew said watching Nikky work was "A masterclass in how to direct children"

nikky smedley TV

Pilots of two new shows for Ragdoll Productions.
Unable to reveal content, lets just say that Nikky as always inspired friendship and confidence from the children involved, making the pilot shoots smooth and enjoyable.

nikky smedley peoria

“Boohbah” competition winner’s film, USA.
Flying out to Peoria, IL. Nikky made two siblings day by featuring them in two short films to be included on the next “Boohbah” DVD release. The local crew said it was a pleasure to watch her work, putting the kids at ease and getting the job done.

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If you need a director who will bring the best out of your child performers whilst treating them with the same respect as adults – I can bring a style of filming and editing which maximises both their potential and the usage of available footage.


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