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Joint Director of “The Ministry”, independent production company.
Working primarily in the field of the arts, dance and music, Nikky joined forces with Neil Cunningham, director and editor, in a collaborative venture that lasted just over two years.

“Look What I Can Do!” for PBS.
For these 300 or so short films, Nikky spent weeks searching throughout Birmingham for a cast of around 65 children aged 4-8, identifying locations and planning a four week shoot, which, with the help of her team went off more smoothly than a smooth thing from smooth town. The broadcaster was happy, the production company was happy, the children were happy and even the parents were happy!

Associate producer of “Boohbah” for ITV, studio and location.
Nikky was a key member of the “Boohbah” production team; handling casting, running rehearsals and acting as conduit between creatives, cast, crew and costume. She worked producing the studio-based sections in Stratford-on-Avon, and on location in the Canary Islands.

Live Action Insert Sequences for “Teletubbies”.
In producing live action sequences for “Teletubbies”, Nikky put together a cast of around 25 children aged 4-6, and filmed them at five locations on the English coast. They were bussed out from Bristol, and some had never seen the sea before; nevertheless the films came in on budget and to schedule.


Music and Karaoke Videos for Pioneer.
In the heyday of the genre, Nikky produced around half a dozen short films for this branch of EMI. Always on a tight budget, but always with the highest possible production values.

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If you are making television involving music and/or dance – I can cast your film or programme and galvanise your crew and performers to work together for the best product possible. I have a wide range of contacts, knowledge of locations, and working with fixers. It will look stylish.
If your programme involves child performers – I have plenty of experience with the particular demands of this genre, both in the studio and on location.


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